Majority of Florida Voters disapprove of Obama, but support Libyan intervention

As America escalates its involvement in Libya’s civil war and the Florida Legislature nears the halfway point of its annual session, Viewpoint Florida went into the field this week to see how Florida voters felt about the recent performance of their top elected officials, and to see where they stand on several prominent policy matters.

Today, we will share our findings on President Barack Obama’s approval among Florida voters, as well as findings on support for America’s intervention in Libya. Next week, we will release job approval numbers for Florida’s US Senators and Governor Rick Scott. We will also share our findings on support for increased casino gambling in next week’s release.

President Obama received a 43% job approval rating among likely voters in Florida. 54% of respondents disapproved of the President’s recent performance in office.

Independent voters are split on President Obama’s job approval rating (51%-49%), while 65% of Democrats and 22% of Republicans said they approved of the President’s job in office. On the other hand, 78% of Republican respondents and 30% of Democratic respondents disapproved of the President’s recent job performance.

While President Obama is upside down on his job approval numbers, Floridians do support his decision to commit America’s military in support of the rebel forces in Libya. 56% of respondents supported American intervention in Libya, while 38% opposed intervention.

Support for the American military effort crossed partisan lines, with 49% of Republicans supporting the effort. However, Republicans were significantly less likely to strongly support intervention than Democrats.

The study was conducted on March 29 - 30th among 838 registered voters likely to vote in the 2012 General Election. The margin of error is 3.4%.

Note: This poll was fielded over the two days immediately following the President’s address to the nation on America’s involvement in the Libyan civil war.

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