Floridians strongly support pension reform

Welcome to Viewpoint Florida, a joint public opinion research project between Data Targeting Inc. and Public Concepts, LLC. We look forward to sharing up-to-the-minute polls and analysis on Florida’s pressing public policy questions.

Our first poll examines an issue that in recent weeks has become a topic of serious and focused debate across the country. As Madison, Wisconsin becomes the epicenter of a national discussion of the role of public sector unions in the 21st century, we asked Floridians what they think of the state and influence of public sector unions, and gauged their support for prominent legislative proposals such as reforming the state’s pension system.

Likely voters indicated considerable support for pension reform in the Sunshine State. 40% said unions in Florida have too much power, while only 26% said unions don’t have enough power. Less than one in four respondents (24%) said unions have the right amount of power.

Proposals to require written permission before using union dues for political purposes enjoy widespread support from both Republicans and Democrats. 74% of likely voters (85% of Republicans and 57% of Democrats) said they would support the measure, while 22% opposed it.

Additionally, 75% of likely voters said they would support requiring state workers to pay up to five percent of their salary toward the Florida Retirement System.

The study was conducted among 811 registered voters likely to vote in the 2012 General Election.  The margin of error is 3.5%.

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