Floridians divided on Scott, casinos

In our final release of our latest statewide brushfire survey, Viewpoint Florida went into the field last week to see what Floridians think about their new Governor Rick Scott. We also asked Floridians if they supported expanded casino gaming in Florida, a perennial hot topic in Tallahassee.

Governor Rick Scott’s job approval rating is tied up, with 47% of respondents approving of his job as Governor to 48% disapproving. 33% of respondents strongly disapproved of Scott’s recent performance, to 24% who strongly approved of the Governor’s work.

Finally, Floridians are quite divided on the question of expanding casino gambling in the Sunshine State. 49% of respondents supported expanding casino gambling in Florida, while 47% opposed expansion.

The study was conducted on March 29 - 30th among 838 registered voters likely to vote in the 2012 General Election. The margin of error is 3.4%.

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