79% of Florida voters support shorter early voting period to save election costs

Likely voters in Florida overwhelmingly say that they would support reducing Florida’s early voting period from 15 days to 6 in order to save election costs, according to our latest statewide survey.

65% of respondents said they would strongly support a shorter early voting period, including supermajorities of both Republican and Democratic respondents, while just 8% of respondents were strongly opposed to the idea.

Men and women were almost equally likely to support a shorter early voting period. However, men were significantly more likely than women to be strongly supportive of the proposal.

Independent voters were in fact the least likely to support fewer early voting days, with 70% of those respondents supported the proposal, while 87% of Republicans and even 75% of Democrats supported it.

And finally, 84% of likely voters under the age of 50 supported fewer early voting days in order to cut elections costs, a stronger level of support than older voters. However, each of the age groups in our crosstabs were equally likely to strongly support fewer early voting days.

The study was conducted on April 20th - 21st among 825 Florida registered voters likely to vote in the 2012 General Election. The margin of error is +/- 3.41%.

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