Representative Debbie Mayfield holds a decisive lead over Representative Ritch Workman

Key Findings

  • Representative Mayfield’s reputation in Indian River County is reflected in a commanding 49% lead over Workman in Indian River County. 47% of all respondents choose Mayfield in a Republican primary ballot test for the 17th State Senate District seat, with 20% picking Workman and 9% with Michael Thomas. Her 27% lead over Workman exceeds the 24% share of respondents who were undecided. Mayfield also enjoys a 15% lead in Brevard County, where Workman is best known.
  • Workman’s name recognition is upside down at a most critical time in the Republican primary campaign. Just 22% of respondents have a favorable impression of Workman to 34% who had an unfavorable impression of him as overseas vote-by-mail ballots reach voters and domestic vote-by-mail ballots arrive in mailboxes next week. An even more problematic sign for Workman is his poor name recognition with respondents who are not already voting for him. Workman’s net favorable name recognition with Mayfield voters was -37%, -49% with Michael Thomas voters and -12% with undecided voters. Should such poor numbers hold for the duration of the campaign, Workman would have little room to grow his share of support.
  • Mayfield is decisively winning the battle of ideological definition,…Read More